The parks and protected areas community, co-led by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) and the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) has been working since 2015 to develop a Parks for All Strategic Framework and to engage the broader community in its design and implementation. 

This framework is intended to build on a shared vision, define guiding principles, strategic directions and priorities, and implement a bold and coordinated strategy for Canada's network of parks and protected areas.

All the feedback you provide in this survey is confidential. The question below will ask for your name, position and organization so that we can ensure the feedback represents a broad range of affiliations with parks and protected areas. You may leave this question blank if you would like your feedback to remain anonymous. Only Sage Transitions, the company supporting this engagement strategy, will see your personal details, and your comments will not be attributed to you in any way. 

There are several ways to provide feedback: 

1) Provide your responses in an online survey.

2) Look for meetings and discussion groups hosted by organizations associated with the Strategic Framework.

3) Attend the 2017 Canadian Parks Conference, in Banff from March 8–11 (more information available here).

The questions in this survey are intended to be very specific, and we welcome any other feedback you may have. If you have any further comments or suggestions related to the Parks for All Strategic Framework there will be a space to provide your comments on the final page of the survey.

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