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The City of Brandon is undergoing an extensive study to determine how best to improve local parks to meet citizens’ local needs and benefit the local economy. This study also includes determination of what kinds of tournament quality facilities might be constructed to meet needs of area recreation leaders to support competitive programs now being heavily used by local providers.

We interviewed local stakeholders in competition sports, now we would like you, Brandon’s citizens who would benefit from the parks on a year-around basis, to tell us the kinds of elements you would like to see included in these tournament facilities and parks. Please take a few minutes to answer some questions to help us in our study.

* 1. What elements would you like to see included in planned improvements to existing parks or inclusion in new parks that may be constructed? Please check all that apply.

* 2. Of the facilities listed below, how would you rank their inclusion in new and upgraded parks? Please list by ranking these elements 1 through 20, with 1 being your most desired element and 20 being your least favorite element.

* 3. If only five of these elements could be included in new and upgraded parks, which would you chose? Please check only five elements below.