Experience Survey

Your feedback is invaluable to us to help us continue to bring people to the Gospel, gather and grow them in the Word and send them out for Jesus Christ. Please take a few moments to complete this survey as we work to provide a positively unforgettable experience in the Lord at The Park Church.

* 1. Which service did you attend?

* 2. When you entered the parking lot were you treated with a warm welcoming attitude?

* 3. Did you find signage (parking lot and building) to be clearly visible and easy to understand?

* 4. When you entered and departed the building did you find the greeters visible and friendly?

* 5. When you entered and departed the sanctuary did you find the greeters visible and friendly?

* 6. If you needed child care did you find it accessible and a place you would leave your child?

* 7. Did you find the music and arts to be engaging and relevant?

* 8. Did the messaging from The Park News (TPN) and the pulpit appear to flow smoothly and connect with each other?

  Not at all Slightly Moderately Very good Excellent N/A
Please tell us what you believe you heard and what the central message was.

* 9. Did you enjoy the sermon?

* 10. Was the use of technology during our service compelling and engaging or was it a distraction to you?

* 11. Did you find the congregation to be warm and friendly?

* 12. Have you enjoyed a meal when offered after our 8:45 A.M. or 10:45 A.M. service? If so, did you find the food good and the experience enjoyable?

* 13. How clean and accessible are the facilities at The Park?

* 14. How likely are you to recommend The Park to others as a place to worship?

* 15. What and how would you describe our biggest opportunities for improvement?

* 16. Finally, was this a positively unforgettable experience that glorified God and gave maximum opportunity to expand the Kingdom of God? Please give us your thoughts.