About Parke Diem

Carpe Diem, a Latin phrase coined in 23 B.C, literally translates to “seize the day.” “Parke Diem” pays homage to this historic aphorism by challenging Redding residents to show support for the city’s many beloved parks. This year, a partnership of United Way of Northern California, Rotary Club of Redding East, and the Redding Parks Foundation is seeking your nominations for a park or trail to be the focus of this year's effort and the recipient of a $10,000 upgrade.  The event is scheduled for October 14, 2017.

In the past, residents have constructed new nature trails, finished playground projects, built neighborhood bulletin boards, removed invasive species and more. Parke Diem participants also used the opportunity to connect with friends, acquaintances and neighbors. Supporters of the event hope that Parke Diem will not only become a valued city-wide tradition but that its purpose and goals will fuel individuals and park advocates around the city to instigate other park revitalization initiatives.
Projects must be located in the City of Redding.  The deadline for nominations is August 20, 2017.  Please consider nominating your special place for an update or addition.

* 1. What  park or trailhead would you like to nominate for Parke Diem?

* 2. Why is this a special place for you?

* 3. What improvements would you recommend?

* 4. What impact would the improvement(s) make on residents use of the park or trailhead?

* 5. How many volunteers in the community could you help recruit for the project?

* 6. Please enter your name and email address so we may contact the winning park project.