Calling all health and nature leaders! The Institute at the Golden Gate is conducting a nationwide Park Prescription (ParkRx) census. Our goal is to create a comprehensive snapshot of the ParkRx movement and we need your help.

Many of you are doing amazing, pioneering work and we want to ensure we capture it all. If you are part of a ParkRx program, please tell us more about your work by completing this census. Even if you haven’t traditionally identified with the “ParkRx” terminology, if your work involves health or social service providers encouraging people to spend time in nature for their health and well-being, we want to hear from you.

Additionally, those who complete the census by the Friday, July 20th deadline will be eligible to win an Amazon gift card!

What to know before starting:
  • For efforts that include multiple agencies, we request that only one representative per program complete the census.
  • The census should take less than 15 minutes to complete. 
  • You can save your questions and go back to the survey later.
  • If you’re unsure about a question or if you’re not collecting the relevant data, please write “unknown.”
If you have any questions about the census please contact Oksana Shcherba at (

Question Title

* 1. Does your work involve a health or social service provider who encourages clients/patients to spend time in nature to improve health & well-being?