Event Registration

When: Sunday, April 23, 2017
Where:  Parks across the country with greenspace and/or open space. For example, national park units, state parks, regional parks, county and city parks as well as other federal lands (national forests, national grasslands, recreation areas, national wildlife refuges, agricultural areas, state forests and nurseries, etc.).

Why:  To amplify the visibility of the nation-wide Park Rx movement in parks and communities across the nation and celebrate National Park Week (April 15-23, 2017).  Park Rx is a community health initiative to “prescribe” time in parks to prevent and treat chronic disease and promote wellness ──and create the next generation of park supporters, visitors, and advocates in the process.

How:  Invite dignitaries from health providers, national public land managers, community and other nonprofits for an event with health screenings and healthy activities for doctors, patients, and the greater community.

Walks with doctors and patients to nearby parks on trails.

Provide transportation for patients from health provider locations to parks for healthy activities and a picnic.

Offer passive recreation activities in parks where permitted (yoga, tai chi, meditation).

Schedule active recreation activities in parks where permitted (zumba, bike rides, chit chat runs, hikes, soccer game, basketball match, frisbee, volleyball, etc.)

Offer healthy food choices.

For more information: Go to www.ParkRx.org

* 1. As your event lead, please provide your name and contact information to register for National Park Rx Day on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.

* 2. Are partner organizations involved? If so, please add names to the comment section.

* 3. What day is your event?

* 4. Where will your event take place?

* 5. What activities are you planning?

* 6. How many people do you anticipate?

* 7. What support do you need?

* 8. Do you have an existing ParkRx program or are you interested in initiating one?

* 9. If so, please share your lead organizations (park, health, other) and contact information below.

* 10. How did you hear about National ParkRx Day and Park Prescriptions (Park Rx)?