Does your company have a strong commitment to gender parity and supporting women at the top of your organization?'s Global Award for Excellence recognizes companies that have achieved gender parity in leadership, across all industries. We hope you will follow the prompt below to apply.
In order to qualify for this award, your organization must meet the following requirements:
  1. Organization size: Companies and firms of any size may apply.
  2. Board of Directors: Companies that have a Board of Directors must have a minimum of 4 board members, and 40-60% female representation (include the CEO in the Board of Directors). Companies with no Board of Directors can skip this question when applying, and should include the CEO in the C-suite.
  3. Top team: The Executive team that reports directly to the CEO (not including CEO or administrative staff) must have at least 4 people, and have 40-60% female representation. Organizations with no board should include the CEO in the executive team count. Firms with partnerships must have a minimum of 4 partners, and 40-60% of the partners must be female.
  4. Public commitment: Must have made a public commitment to achieving gender parity (such as a public statement from your CEO, a press release, a public pledge like the ParityPledge, etc.).
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