Please take 5 minutes to complete this Needs Assessment Survey. We appreciate your input and thank you for your time. Choose the answer that best describes your beliefs or feelings.

3. My child is assessed through test, quizzes, projects, portfolios, and presentations to show his/her knowledge.

4. I am satisfied with my child’s academic progress.

5. I feel my child is safe at school.

6. Teachers in my child’s school help students to achieve state standards.

7. I have a clear understanding of how students are performing academically at my child’s school.

8. The Principal and Assistants are available to speak/meet with me when I request time with them.

9. I know what to do in case of an emergency at my child’s school.

10. My child is challenged to do his/her best at school.

11. I am familiar with the discipline rules at my child’s school.

12. The classrooms at my child’s school are comfortable and support learning.

13. My child’s school provides a variety of learning activities to allow for different ways of learning.

14. The school my child attends is clean and well-maintained.

15. I feel my child is treated fairly at his/her school.

16. I believe my child has been prepared to succeed in the next grade.

17. Teachers have high expectations for themselves and the students at my child’s school.

18. I am always welcome at my child’s school.

19. Teachers regularly communicate with me about my child’s progress.

20. Additional support and learning time is available to my child if he/she needs it.