Be a Parent Not a Pal

Where do you stand as a Parent? Take the following quiz and find out.

Parents are the most important tool in shaping their children’s behavior. At home, with their friends and in the community. Education and support are the two main issues parents have asked for help and advice on in a national pole.

This survey is designed to help parents understand their strengths and areas they can work on.

It is our sincere hope that this campaign will help decrease underage drinking in the Placer County community, by encouraging more vigilant parenting, effective role modeling and successful supervision.

This survey contains 11 questions. It does not ask for any identifying information or personal data.

* 1. Do you tell your child that you disapprove of underage drinking?

* 2. Do you monitor teens while they are in your home?

* 3. Do you set a curfew and consistently enforce house rules?

* 4. Do you ask another parent about a gathering or party to verify safe situations and supervised homes?

* 5. Do you welcome telephone calls at your home verifying supervision of gatherings as your own home?

* 6. Do you check levels of open alcohol beverages in your home?

* 7. Do you talk to your teen daily?

* 8. Do you meet your child's new friends and their parents?

* 9. Do you call authorities or other parents to report unsafe situations, parties or gathering?

* 10. Do you help your child figure out how to handle risky situations with a plan of action?