Child Care Subsidy Changes Survey

Dear Families,

The NC Child Care Coalition and its partners are conducting a study about the recent changes to child care subsidy eligibility, and we want to hear from you.

We are collecting information and stories from families that have recently lost their child care subsidies because of recent legislatives changes. This information will help policymakers and others interested in early education know how these changes have affected your child’s early learning opportunities and your family’s employment situation. 

All of this information will remain confidential, and will not be shared with anyone unless you give us your permission below. Please let us know if you would be willing to talk to someone about your experiences.

This survey should take about 10 minutes. 

Thank you for your time and for sharing your information with us.

NC Child Care Coalition

* 1. Please tell us about your family?  Would you describe your family as a two-parent family or a single-parent family?

* 2. How many children do you have?

* 3. Why do you need child care subsidies? (check applicable reason)

* 4. Why was your family terminated from child care subsidies?

* 5. If you were still eligible for child care subsidies, but decided to voluntarily discontinue services, please tell us why?  Please check all that apply.

* 6. Please tell us the age(s) of your child, or children, that was affected by the child care subsidy policy changes.  Check one box for each child.

* 7. Will your child be able to remain in their current child care arrangement?

* 8. Do you have another child who remains eligible for child care subsidies?

* 9. If you had to make other child care arrangements, please tell us what you selected. Check all that apply.

* 10. In your own words, please tell us about how losing child care subsidies has affected your child’s learning opportunities, or your child care choices.

* 11. Will losing child care subsidies or paying higher fees affect your family's current employment situation?

* 12. Did you have to make changes, or will you need to change, your family’s employment situation as a result of losing child care subsidies? Please check all that apply.

* 13. Without child care subsidies are you worried about your family’s ability to manage your total household expenses (housing, food, basic needs, etc.)

* 14. Please share any other comments you have about what losing child care subsidies has meant to you and your family.