In this survey, we are interested in learning more about your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards your child's school.

When answering these questions, please consider your child's current experience at school.

This survey is to help us understand different aspects of the parent/school relationship.

Your answers will be used in aggregate, and we will not be evaluating individual responses. As such, please be as honest as possible - there are no right or wrong answers.

Because different children often have different experiences in the same school, please complete this survey once per child.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. Please indicate how many children you have attending Arapahoe School.

* 3. What is your relationship to your child? 

* 4. How often do you meet in person with teachers at your child's school?

* 5. In the past year, how often have you discussed your child's school with other parents from the school?

* 6. How much effort do you put into helping your child learn to do things for himself/herself?

* 7. To what extent do you know how your child is doing socially at school?

* 8. How often do you help your child understand the content he or she is learning in school?

* 9. In the past year, how often have you helped out at your child's school?

* 10. How confident are you that you can help your child develop good friendships?

* 11. How often do you and your child talk when he or she is having a problem with others?

* 12. How confident are you in your ability to make sure your child's school meets your child's learning needs?

* 13. How often do you help your child engage in activities which are educational outside the home?

* 14. In the past year, how often have you visited your child's school?

* 15. How well do the activities offered at your child's school match his or her interests?

* 16. How well do the teaching styles of your child's teachers match your child's learning style?

* 17. At your child's school, how well does the overall approach to discipline work for your child?

* 18. How much effort does your child put into school-related tasks?

* 19. How regularly does your child read for fun?

* 20. How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at his or her school?

* 21. How well do you feel your child's school is preparing him or her for his or her next academic year?

* 22. In general, how well does your child learn from feedback about his or her work?

* 23. On average, how well does your child work independently on learning activities at home?

* 24. To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to your child's school?

* 25. How much does the school value diversity of children's backgrounds?

* 26. How motivating are the classroom lessons at your child's school?

* 27. How well do administrators at your child's school create a school environment that helps children learn?

* 28. Overall, how much respect do you think the teachers at your child's school have for the children?

* 29. How confident are you in your ability to support your child's learning at home?

* 30. How confident are you in your ability to help your child deal with his or her emotions appropriately?

* 31. How often do you think your child is bullied at school?

* 32. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?