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Take the Pledge!
Through social host liability laws, adults can be held responsible for underage drinking parties regardless of who furnishes the alcohol. Penalties can include both criminal prosecution and civil liability.

Specifically, “social host” refers to adults who host underage drinking parties on property that they own, lease, or otherwise control. This includes…

Parents away from home when their teens host a party
Parents who are present and allow drinking on their property
Owners and/or tenants of rural property
Owners of vacant property

Pledge today to:
✔PREVENT youth from drinking alcohol in my home or on my property by setting clear rules
✔SUPERVISE youth at gatherings at my home or property
✔STORE alcohol and medications in a secure location
✔EXPECT other parents to contact me if my child is using alcohol/drugs
✔REPORT any underage drinking in my neighborhood or community
✔PROMOTE the pledge and ask other adults to “Be a Parent. Not a Peer.”

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Thank you for taking the pledge to Be A Parent. Not A Peer.!

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