* 1. Please indicate which grade your child is enrolled. If you have more than one child enrolled in the district, please indicate which grade each child is enrolled.

* 2. Which school does your child attend? If you have more than one child enrolled in the district, please indicate which schools they attend.

* 3. My child feels safe and connected to his/her school. If you marked "Disagree" please indicate a specific concern in the #11 comment box.

* 4. My child has access to instructional materials that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

* 5. My child is receiving instruction that will prepare him/her to be proficient in the Common Core State Standards, and prepare them for college and/or career.

* 6. My child is provided opportunities to participate in courses, enrichment classes, clubs, sports, and other extra curricular activities beyond the core curriculum (math, language arts, social studies, science) to provide him/her a well balanced educational experience.

* 7. The school facilities are in good repair, safe and conducive for learning. If you marked "Disagree" could you please indicate an example of your concern in the #11 comment box.

* 8. My child's school promotes good attendance and encourages my child to attend school on a regular basis.

* 9. My child's school seeks parent input and encourages parental participation.

* 10. What do you appreciate about your child's school that you feel contributes to his or her success?
You may select more than one response as well as write in a response.

* 11. Please share any feedback related to the questions 3-10, or other comments regarding your child's school experience.