Parent Interest Survey: Bike Workshop for Grades 4-8

Imagine a space where kids use tools, complete projects together and are mentored by other students and adult volunteers! This is the Bike Workshop - kids complete hands on lessons in bike maintenance and bike safety. Sound like fun?!? The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Committee in Sleepy Eye thinks it sounds like fun too, but first, we need your feedback to see if this can be possible. We need to know if there is an interest from adults within the community to volunteer to lead the workshop and if there are students in grades 4-8 who want to participate. We anticipate using the Minnesota Walk! Bike! Fun! Curriculum – this would include 8 lessons that last approximately 1 hour and occur over a two week timeframe during the summer months. Members of the Sleepy Eye SRTS team:

·         Bob Elston (City of Sleepy Eye)

·         Daniel Rick (St John’s Lutheran School)

·         Deb Moldaschel (Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch)

·         Jen Maurer (Community Member)

·         John Cselovszki (Sleepy Eye Public School)

·         Mary Gangelhoff (St Mary’s School)

·         Matt Andres (Sleepy Eye Police Department),

·         Melissa Hoffmann (Brown County Public Health and SHIP)

·         Mikayla Bruggeman (Sleepy Eye Medical Center)

·         Peter Roufs (St Mary’s School)

·         Shane Laffen (Sleepy Eye Public School)

·         Wendy Owens (St Mary’s School)

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* 1. Would your student be interested in attending a workshop like this?

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* 2. What grade level is your child in?

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* 3. Does your child have a bike to use for this program?  Your child will still be able to participate if they do not have a bike.

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* 4. What month would work best?

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* 5. Would you be willing to volunteer to be an instructor or an assistant?  If so, please check your preference and list your contact information below:

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* 6. Contact Information

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