2017 Communities That Care Parent Education Workgroup Minigrant Application
Applications are now being accepted until April 3, 2017, when the CTC Parent Education Workgroup will review the applications that have been received and award funds by mid-April. After the April 3rd deadline, applications will be considered on a first come/first served basis as long as funding remains.

The RFP for these minigrants can be found here: 2017 CTC Parent Education Minigrant RFR

* 1. Group/Organization

* 2. Contact person

* 3. Address

* 4. Telephone

* 5. Email

* 6. Briefly describe the event or project you are planning. Be sure to identify your target audience and what activities you plan.

* 7. Approximately when and where will the event or project will be conducted?

* 8. How many families do you anticipate serving? You may give an estimated range, but please commit to a minimum number.

* 9. Please identify who will coordinate the event or who will lead the parent education program and state their qualifications. Please also briefly describe the capacity of the sponsoring group or organization to implement this program.

* 10. How will you outreach to your target audience? Who will be responsible for recruiting participants?

* 11. How will your event or project impact participating families? What is the goal of your event/project? How do your goals fit with the goals of the Communities That Care Coalition Parent Education Workgroup?

* 12. Do you expect to follow up in some way after your project/event to reinforce your message or sustain your impact? If so, how?

* 13. How much money are you requesting? (Range for proposals for family dinner or family connection events is $50 to $500; range for proposals for evidence-based parent education is $500 to $1500.) Please itemize what you plan to spend it on. Will you also be soliciting donations and/or in-kind support? Please describe.

Thank you ! We will be in touch within one month of your submission. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, contact Parent Education Workgroup Co-Chairs, Marie Bartlett 413-774-1000 ext 2017 mbartlett@csoinc.org or Stacey Langknecht 367-9418 stacey@hotsapp.com