Kerrwil Publications Limited, in conjunction with its about to be launched Panel Builder Insights launching in October 2017, is surveying the Canadian Panel Building & System Integration segment. In this regard we have a few basic questions we hope you can answer. This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Subscribe to Panel Builder Insights at:
Should you have any questions at all please reach out to the survey's authors directly, John Kerr or 705.527.7666 ext 222 or Owen Hurst or 705 527 7666 ext 221.
Thanks so much for your time.

Yours truly,

John Kerr and Owen Hurst  

* 1. Which Province/Territory are you located in?

* 2. What best describes your company?

* 3. How many employees work at your organization?

* 4. Your electrical control panels are best applied to?

* 5. Control panels are constructed for a wide range of uses throughout industry, construction, infrastructure and utilities sectors? Order from 1 - 5 the most common sector you engage with, 1 being the most common and 5 being the least.

* 6. Indicate what components you utilize in your panel building operations? Check all that apply

* 7. Where do you most often source your components?

* 8. What factors affect your components selection? Please select top 3

* 9. Factors most affect your product development? Rank highest to lowest

* 10. What best describes the end user profile for your panels? Check all that apply

* 11. In the last 12 months has your activity in the Panel Builder and System Integration sector:

* 12. Has your current order activity in 2017 vs. 2016:

* 13. How have the emerging trends of Iot and Industrie 4.0 affected your business model? Check all that apply

* 14. Will you share the average annual sales range of control panels for your organization?

* 15. Comments section, please provide any feedback you feel is relevant or you wish to share regarding your company or the Panel Builder sector

* 16. Please provide the email address you would like your Tim Horton's e-gift card sent to.

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