Internet Assessment Survey

This survey is part of Pamlico County Economic Government, East Carolina Council of Governments and NC State Broadband Infrastructure Office’s Internet Assessment for Pamlico County. We ask that our county residents and businesses complete this survey to assist us to properly assess, document and map our internet needs. The necessary data collected will be used to try to find solutions and funding to improve internet access and connectivity consistency in Pamlico County.

As part of mapping internet access needs, your address is critical to this survey. Students returning completed surveys to schools by June 1, 2017 for their household are entered to win a $25 gift card. Persons age 18 and over returning this survey with a completed address between May 9th- July 9, 2017 will be entered into a $100 gift card drawing- only one entry per address accepted for drawing. 

* 1. Type of User (check all that apply)

* 2. Age range for all residents at this location:  (check all that apply)

* 3. Complete physical and mailing address (This is very important for mapping internet needs and gift card drawing). If you are responding for a residence and business/organization, please fill out a separate survey for each.  

* 4. Do you currently have Internet service at this location?

* 5. What are your main uses for the internet?  (Check all that apply.)

* 6. What type of internet service do you have?

* 7. Who is your provider?

* 8. What is the speed for which you are paying (see your provider invoice)?

* 9. Does your internet function at the speed you for which you are paying?

* 10. Here is a link to check your internet speed . Please list the time of day of the test/s and the speeds you found:

* 11. Are you satisfied with your Internet service?

* 12. Do you have internet connectivity consistency problems with these any of these activities?

* 13. If you are dissatisfied with your internet service, please check the reasons for dissatisfaction. Check all that apply:

* 14. If you do not have internet service, what is the main reason?

* 15. If you had access to internet connection or to better internet connection that would allow you to stream (e.g. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, work or education videos, download music…) without buffering and/or work from home, are you willing to pay for the service?

* 16. Up to how much are you willing to pay per month? (This information is to be used to provide evidence to internet providers that there is a demand for better services and that if they invest in providing increased availability and connectivity they can be sustainable, recover the cost of their business investment and make a profit).

* 17. Thank you for participating in this vital survey. If you have additional useful comments to add to this survey please share here: