Make sure the City Council hears your voice

88% of local businesses voted against the draft ordinance that requires all businesses to provide paid sick leave to employees. When AIBA conducted the poll (read results here), we asked for businesses to identify themselves so that we could verify respondents. We promised to keep your identities confidential and we have.

Now we need for you to step forward and sign this appeal to show the City Council that local business is not in favor of this policy as written. The supporters of this policy are aggressively campaigning on behalf of a select group of workers. The City Council needs to hear from you too.

The draft ordinance is scheduled for City Council action on February 15. 

AIBA is a nonprofit organization of local businesses. Most of our members are small businesses who understand that taking care of their employees is both a philosophical value and a necessity. They cannot succeed without a dedicated, reliable and happy workforce. Turnover in any business is costly. We do not view the world as workers against business or business against workers. As small local businesses, we are the workers. We see all of us in this together. Businesses provide jobs and workers help local businesses to grow. We are a team. The health and well being of the team is important. But the team is the best source for business benefits, not local government.

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* 1. I oppose the Paid Sick Leave policy as written.

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* 2. Will you join us at City Hall on February 15 to speak out or show your presence?

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* 3. Do you have an employee who would speak against this policy, either at the February 15 City Council Meeting or by email?

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* 4. If you answered yes to questions 2 or 3, would you please give us your email so that we may contact you. We do not share, sell or rent our emails and will use it only to communicate with you.