Events: Workshops, practice nights, weekly sessions..

* 1. In which ways could Padmacahaya Melbourne provide support for you and contribute to your wellbeing and happiness?

* 2. We can provide support in a variety of ways.. What are you interested in or like to know more about?

* 3. Would you like to attend events/activites with Padmacahaya over the next 12 months?

* 4. Which Padmacahaya events/activities would you like to attend over the next 12 months?

* 5. Which workshops would you like to attend?

* 6. Where would you like the workshops to be held?

* 7. When would you like the workshop/s to be held?

* 8. We currently have weekly Open Heart Meditation sessions for the public in Port Melbourne, Black Rock (Hampton), Upwey, Reservior and Greensborough.  Do you attend any of these sessions?

* 9. Is there a particular location and time of session that you would be more likely to attend?

* 10. Have you already attended a workshop/s or retreat/s?

* 11. Would you prefer to attend a practice session that is related to a workshop or retreat that you have attended?

* 12. If yes, please indicate how frequently you would like to attend a practice session

* 13. How far are you willing to travel to attend a practice session? Where would you like to attend?