1. Visitor Survey (2012)

* 1. How would you describe your Isthmus Paddle & Portage 2012 experience in 2 sentences or less?

* 2. What was the highlight of the Paddle & Portage 2012 for you?

* 3. What, if anything, would you want to change about the Paddle & Portage?

* 4. How did you hear about the Paddle and Portage?

* 5. How many years have you participated in the race?

* 6. How would you classify your participation in the event?

* 7. How did you feel about the course difficulty this year?

* 8. How did you feel after the event?

* 9. How did you feel about the post-race party? It was...

* 10. What do you think about the number of classes in the event?

* 11. Are there any additional elements you might recommend for future Paddle & Portage events?

* 12. How helpful was the event staff before and during the event?

* 13. If you are interested in being on an advisory board for the 2013 Paddle & Portage event, please give us your email address.

* 14. Additional comments/ questions. Please feel free to include email address for updates on future events. We respect your inbox and will not sell or give your information to anyone outside of Isthmus.