About your scout, you and your dinner options

These questions will help us make sure our records are up to date about you and your scout. And your food responses will help ensure we have adequate food and options for you to enjoy.

* 1. What is your scouts full name? If you have more than one scout, please enter both names below.

* 2. What den is your scout in? If you have more than one scout, please enter both dens below.

* 3. What email address do you use for receiving Pack 793 communication?

* 4. If your spouse also receives Pack 793 communications, please enter their email address below

* 5. The Blue and Gold Dinner is open to your whole family. Including yourself, how many people will be attending?

* 6. Do you or any members attending have any dietary restrictions?

* 7. We will have ingredients to make tacos, burritos and the sides will be beans and rice. We will have ground beef for any of the items.

Please take a guess as best as possible on the number of items your complete party may enjoy

* 8. If chicken was an option to the meat choices, would you prefer chicken?