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Thursday, October 1, 2020; 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
MSUNER "Ready for Restart:

Bridging the Gap (Aligning the Visions of Teachers and Paraprofessionals to Build Stronger Classroom Communities)

Facilitators: Carla Nisbett, Tatiana Pereyra and Jacqueline Santos (Newark Public Schools - Educators)

Workshop: What do you expect from your paraprofessional(s) and what do you expect your classroom community to look like?

Description: In this workshop we are going to address the 4 components of collaboration and community building in your classrooms: Relationship Building, Consistent and Open Communication , Responsiveness to Student Needs and Ownership and Accountability within the Classroom Community. As we delve into understanding our classrooms through the individual, interpersonal and institutional lenses we want to create the feelings of inclusivity and autonomy in our classrooms.   
In what ways will the session be interactive:
We will create breakout rooms for the teachers and paraprofessionals to have small group conversations based on key questions that tie into the 4 components of collaboration and community in the classroom.
Facilitators  will ask for 1 person to share out to the whole group when we come out of the  breakout room. ( Ask person before leaving breakout room) 
We will also ask for them to create personal vision boards, write down their vision  for their classroom communities and share them in the breakout rooms
Gauge your level of comfortability around the 4 components at the beginning and end of each day.   (type response into chat: 1 least amount of comfort -10 extremely comfortable)
What can participants expect as an outcome:
A visual/written vision of what the classroom community will look like. 
Focus and intention in future practice around the 4 components. 
Concrete strategies and resources to use when in the classroom.
A virtual space to share reflections, resources and have ongoing conversations about our experiences. 
Pdf handout for reference during and/or after the session:

We will create google classrooms for the teachers and paraprofessionals to join and share the presentation, resources, pdf documents, surveys etc.

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2 Weeks prior to the course you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

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