What do you fish for?

* 1. How would you characterize your North Shore river, stream and/or shore fishing style?

* 2. How often do you fish the North Shore Annually?

* 3. How far do you travel (one way) to reach your favorite North Shore fishing destination?

* 4. We have two rainbow trout in North Shore rivers. What species do you specifically target while fishing the north shore?

* 5. Steelhead have naturalized Lake Superior waters since 1883.  Please rate how critical it is to keep our Lake Superior strain of steelhead protected from interbreeding with kamloops or other stocked rainbow trout. (5 begin most critical)

* 6. Would you support further kamloops stocking now that we know kamloop hybridization is present in some naturalized Lake Superior steelhead?

* 7. Would you continue fishing along the North Shore if you could not keep a fish to eat?

* 8. We divide the North Shore into 3 regions.  Please rate in order of importance to your fishing destination preference.

* 9. What is your estimated annual average expense (lodging, meals/entertainment, gas, tackle, etc) at local business along the North Shore each year?

* 10. How do you rate the quality of your average fishing experience while fishing the North Shore?