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Topics covered:
• Programming languages- Scratch and Python
• Keeping Yourself and Your Friends Safe Online
• Understanding and Designing Algorithms
• Computer Instructions and Data Types
• Designing and Developing Computer Programmes


Lesson 1 Your Digital Footprint
Lesson 2 Safety and Security: Online Profiles
Lesson 3 Safety and Security: Online Information
Lesson 4 Safety and Security: Cybercrime
Lesson 5 Online Content Management
Lesson 6 Improving Your Digital Footprint
Lesson 7 & 8 Keeping Yourself and Your Friends Safe Online
Lesson 9 Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses
Lesson 10 Staying Secure on Social Media
Lesson 11 Staying Safe Online
Lesson 12 Staying Secure Online
Lesson 13 Understanding and Designing Algorithms
Lesson 14 Decision Making in Algorithms
Lesson 15 Repetition in Algorithms
Lesson 16 Using Algorithms to Sort Data
Lesson 17 Understanding and Developing Algorithms
Lesson 18 Understanding Decomposition and Abstraction
Lesson 19 & 20 Problem Solving Using Decomposition
Lesson 21 Comparing and Evaluating Algorithms
Lesson 22 Problem Solving Using Algorithms
Lesson 23 Storing and Executing Instructions on a Computer
Lesson 24 Representing Data in Binary Format
Lesson 25 Representing and Manipulating Different Data Types
Lesson 26 - 30 Designing Computer Programs

Class Schedule:

Dates: 17 Dec to 21 Dec 2018
Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Duration: 30 hours ( 6 hrs X 5 sessions)

Venue: Informatics Academy City Campus, 100 Victoria Street,
#13-01, National Library Building Singapore 1880644

Fees: SGD 600 (excluding GST)

Promotional Fees: SGD 390 (excluding GST)

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