* 1. Have you seen the movie X Men Yes/No

Tick the box if you have seen the following movies…

* 2. Name another science fiction movie you have seen. And Rate it out of 10.

* 3. Why do you like this Movie?

* 4. Have you ever been to a Comic Con or a convention before?

* 5. Would you consider yourself a Fan of X-Men?

* 6. Did you go cinemas to watch any of the X Men movies?

* 7. Do you buy any of the merchandise in relation to the X – Men franchise?

If yes please state what you have bought

* 8. Wolverine 2 is in the making would you go cinemas to watch it, when released?

* 9. Is there anything you don’t like about x-men?

* 10. would you discuss the movie x-men with friends?