The purpose of this survey is to get some feedback on how much you know about gun safety but also to see where you stand with taking a gun safety class. I just want to see where everyone stands with the information they know about guns and if they are curious to take a gun safety class. The mission I have behind thisĀ 
survey is to make sure everyone gets the correct information about guns so that everyone can be safe and no one gets hurt from messing with a gun or not knowing how to use them.

* 1. Where should your gun be point when not using it?

* 2. Would you feel safer if you knew the person beside you had a gun safety class?

* 3. Do you think that everyone who buys a gun should have to take a gun safety class?

* 4. Where should a firearm be kept when not in use?

* 5. When your not shooting the gun should the safety be on?

* 6. What do you think should be talked about the most in a gun safety class?

* 7. Would you want to take a gun safety class?

* 8. What is the first thing that you do if you find a gun on the side of the street?

* 9. What is the best way to treat a gun, if it is loaded or not?

* 10. Will the safety lock always work? And what should you do until your ready to shoot?