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Many river and watershed groups are looking for a new member/donor database. They know it's a big investment with big ramifications and it's easy to get lost in the technical details, especially since today they're evolving very quickly and integrating with the web and email.

This survey gathers information on the real-world experience of groups with their databases. I've been gathering this information since 2007. The results are shared with you and other groups right on my website: www.leadgreen.org.

I'll email a copy of the results (in aggregate - no specific information that would allow any organization to be identified) to everyone who responds. That'll help you evaluate your own database experience.

At the end of the survey I'll ask you more specifically about the degree of information you're willing to share.


(301) 657-8121

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your organization's full name:

* 3. Your email (if you'd like to get a copy of the aggregate results).

* 4. How many staff members (FTEs) does your organization have? (Please count a part-time staffer as ".5" So an organization with a full-time program manager and a half-time assistant would have 1.5 staff.)

* 5. What program does your organization use to track members and donors?

* 6. What do you use it for? (check all that apply.)

* 7. How many total contacts (people or organizations) do you have in your database?

* 8. How much do you and others in your organization use your database?

* 9. Who uses the database regularly? (Choose all that apply.)

* 10. The theory is that by getting everyone - PROGRAM STAFF and FUNDRAISING/ADMIN STAFF on the SAME database - you maintain more current information, work more efficiently, and can tailor your outreach and fundraising better. But is this true? If you have managed to get both your PROGRAM STAFF and your FUNDRAISING STAFF to use the same database (no small feat), are you seeing real benefits from it?

* 11. How well do the following statements describe your experience with your database? (Please choose one answer on each line.)

  0 - Not at all. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Absolutely yes.
It's easy to understand.
I know how to do what I need to do.
Enough people in our organization know how to use it.
It's easy to enter information.
It's easy to get information back out, in the form of mailing lists, reports, etc.
People can sign up on our website and are entered automatically into the database.
We can all use it.
We have time enough to enter all the data we need to.
The information is always up to date.
It's reliable - it always runs.
We never lose data.
The company gives good support promptly.
It's easy to use it to manage our volunteers.
It does what we need it to now.
I think it will meet our needs in the future.

* 12. Would you recommend it to other groups?

* 13. Most groups now use web services to generate email blasts. But if you want to target a subgroup based on, say, giving history or volunteering interest, it helps to be able to generate the list of emails for the web service straight from your database. Can you generate email blasts from your database?

* 14. Even more important, you want to know which of your email recipients actually pays attention to your emails, because they're most likely to be your best donors and volunteers too. If you generate email blasts, does the open and click-through information go back into your main database?

* 15. When people donate online, is the donation automatically registered in your database?

* 16. Have you recently moved from another database?