* 1. In what division did your child(ren) play this year?

* 2. Were you pleased with our move to the Berwick Recreation Field?

* 3. Were you pleased with our practice fields being at the Knowlton School?

* 4. Do you feel your child(ren) gained knowledge and skills with regards to the game of soccer this year?

* 5. What did BYSA do that worked well for you and your family this year?

* 6. What changes would you like to see to our program for next year?

* 7. There are many different ways (big and small) that you can help BYSA, are you interested in learning about how you can help? Keep in mind the more volunteers we have the more distributed the work load can be.

* 8. Were you aware that we have monthly association meetings that you are invited to come to? We welcome parents to come and learn about what we are doing and to offer suggestions on how we can improve. We meet every third Monday of the month from February to November at the Noble Middle School in Room 210 at 7pm. (Childcare is available if needed with advance notice)

* 9. Did you purchase items from the concession stand this year?

* 10. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions that you would like the board of Berwick Youth Soccer to hear?

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