* 1. Please tell us where you heard about the farm?

* 2. Please advise us how often you visit the farm?

* 3. a) Thinking about your farm visit today, how would you rate the following...

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Poor
Overall appearance of the farm
Friendliness/knowledge of both staff and volunteers
The information around the farm to inform and educate
The enjoyment of your group
The appearance and quality of the gardens
The small and large animals
Quality of food served in the Café
The Quality of the items available in the shop

* 4. c) If you have answered 'Poor' or 'Very Poor' to any of the questions above, please tell us why

* 5. How would you rate the farm overall

* 6. What is your postcode and area where you live?

* 7. What are the adult age ranges in your group today?

* 8. What are the child age ranges in your group today?

* 9. Do you think that a suggested donation of £2 per adult and £1 per child is a good reflection of your visit?

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