Confidentiality Note: Any personally identifiable information that is obtained in connection with this study will be stored on a secured server and will remain confidential, and the survey results will be reported only as aggregate data. Any quotations from responses to open ended questions used in public reporting will be reviewed to ensure that your identity cannot be ascertained.

* 1. The problems, feelings, or situations that brought me to CARE Counseling were improved by therapy.

* 2. I believe my therapist provided high quality care.

* 3. If I needed help in the future, I would consider returning to CARE Counseling.

* 4. The clinic facilities were satisfactory.

* 5. It is likely I will recommend this business to a friend or colleague?

* 6. Which clinician/clinicians did you work with while at CARE Counseling? 

* 7. Please provide us with any additional feedback below. We appreciate your time, thank you!