Management - Greg, Adrienne, Michelle, Hart
Supervisors - Programs
Administration - Cheryl, Kevin, Jo-Anne, Jennifer

* 1. How long have you worked with the organization?

* 2. I have received the necessary training and orientation to do my job?

* 3. If no, what is required?

* 4. What training would you look for?

* 5. I understand my job description?

* 6. If no, what is required?

* 7. I received an annual performance appraisal last year?

* 8. I have talked to my Supervisor in the last six months about my progress in my position?

* 9. I have received affirmation at my work site?

* 10. If yes, how often?

* 11. Do you receive information promptly from your supervisor?

* 12. If no, who do you receive the information from?

* 13. I feel part of a team.

* 14. I feel that I can come to work and be safe from harassment from my coworkers and/or my supervisor.

* 15. The Association Administration staff communicates effectively and efficiently with me.

* 16. I have confidence in the Administration of this organization.

* 17. My safety concerns are addressed promptly in my workplace.

* 18. I feel a sense of accomplishment in my job.

* 19. Communication has improved throughout the organization.

* 20. Do you feel you have flexibility to accommodate a satisfying work/life balance?

* 21. How could we improve your job satisfaction?