* 1. Why did you choose to go to the Higher Options on Wed 18th

(Number according to your preference 1 least important 5 most important)

* 2. What preparation for the event did you do?

(Order in terms of what best reflects your preparation)

* 3. What type of stands did you visit?

Tick the type of stand you visited

* 4. What did you find most useful about visiting the stands?

* 5. At what time did you arrvie in the RDS?

choose to the nearest hour

* 6. Was it easy to navigate around the halls?

Choose only one and tick

* 7. Which Lectures did you attend?

* 8. Which careers talks did you attend?

( Tick as appropriate)

* 9. How effective is 'The Higher Options in learning about career options?

* 10. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience of 'The Higer Options 2013', Choose one of the following