Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center is committed to providing you and your horses best in class service and care. We greatly value your feedback in our efforts toward continual improvement. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and will be sending you a coupon for $10.00 off your next procedure of $100.00 or more.

1. Is this the first time you have used Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center (LBEMC) for your veterinary services?

2. Where was your horse seen?

3. How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with LBEMC?

4. Please rate your satisfaction with each part of your experience with LBEMC:

  Highly Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied N/A
Professionalism while scheduling on the phone
Availability of desired Doctor
Courtesy of the Doctor(s)
Courtesy of the Technicians and Staff
Cleanliness of LBEMC
Ability of LBEMC to answer my questions
Clearly explained aftercare instructions
Value received for price paid
Ease of checkout

5. I use LBEMC for the following services when needed:
(please check all that apply)

6. What is the main reason for choosing LBEMC for your veterinary care?

7. Do you plan to continue using our services?

8. Have you ever recommended us to others?

9. Which of the following services would you like to see LBEMC offer in the next 2 years?
(Please check all that apply)

10. What key things can LBEMC do to better serve you and your horses in the future?

11. I would like to learn more about the following topic(s) at future LBEMC Educational Events: