1. Survey

Instructor Workshop Survey

Thank you for attending the 2009 Instructor’s Workshop! As you know, CARE takes great pride in the presentations for first day of the workshop. Please take a few moment to provide your input.

* 1. Did the 2009 Workshop meet your expectations?

* 2. Are you currently a member of CARE?

* 3. How would you rate the value of your CARE membership?

* 4. Would you promote CARE membership?

* 5. Would you support CARE in developing information resources that would only be accessible by CARE members?

* 6. If a CARE member’s only resource was created, which of these informational areas would you like CARE to include? (check all that apply)

* 7. Would you attend a session with fellow instructors i.e. secondary, post secondary, private, etc. to brainstorm ideas on how you would teach certain topics in related and reinforce in a lab setting?

* 8. Is the time frame of the workshop sessions long enough?

* 9. Please provide comments or suggestions for next year’s conference or ideas for CARE members.