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Through this update of Abingdon’s Comprehensive Plan, we are making long-term plans for the future of our town. The Comprehensive Plan process began in January 2019 and has been guided by a local Steering Committee. Residents have been involved throughout the process through public meetings/workshops and a community survey. This process has culminated in a draft of the Comprehensive Plan update and we need you to tell us what you think by reviewing the draft Plan and taking this survey.

The draft plan can be read in its entirety at:

The draft Comprehensive Plan contains a number of goals and strategies for issues including land use, transportation, public facilities, and economic development, among others. Each chapter of the draft plan focuses on one of these issues and includes goals describing Abingdon’s desired direction on the topic as well as strategies to achieve the goals. In the following questions please indicate your opinion of the plan’s goals, and the strategies that follow them. Specific feedback or suggestions can be given in the included comment boxes.

* Note that paraphrased goals are provided here. For full goals and the strategies that support them please see the draft plan at: