1. Gender

2. Age

3. Where do you live?

4. Which type of surfing do you perform? (multiple answers possible)

5. Have you at any time experienced problems/discomfort with your ears when practicing any type of water-activity?

6. Do you use protection for your ears while surfing and if so, what type? (multiple answers possible)

7. Is there a particular reason why you choose NOT the wear protection for your ears, even if you might need it?

8. Rate the following claims (if you use ear plugs)

  1. Statement is incorrect 2. Doesn't bother me 3. It's a problem, but I can live with it 4. It's a bit annoying 5. It's really annoying
The ear plugs are hard to apply
The ear plugs fit poorly and sometimes fall out
Water leak past the ear plug into my ear
The ear plugs are uncomfortable
I can't hear when surfing with ear plugs
I loose my sense of balance when using ear plugs
The ear plugs are ugly
I loose my ear plugs frequently (while out of water)

9. I am satisfied with my current ear-plugs/protection

Thank you very much for your help!