1. Welcome to the Literary Site Survey

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* 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself

* 3. What Genres do you enjoy reading the most?

* 4. Please list the electronic magazines you have visited in the last three months. Give URLs where possible (example: National Geogrpahic www.nationalgeographic.com)

* 5. Of the websites you listed above...

* 6. What initially drew you to this website?

* 7. Below are a list of qualities or features found on a typical literary website. For each item, please how much you agree with each sentiment when thinking of the favorite website mentioned above.

  strongly disagree disagree neutral agree strongly agree N/A
Easy Navigation
High Quality Content
Professional Appearance
Up to date design
Advertising is not annoying
Advertising is appropriate
Excellent Photography and Art
Active user forums
News is timely and appropriate
I would invite or refer friends
Tools are helpful
Submission process is easy to follow
useful reader feedback

* 8. Think back to the literary websites that you visited in the last three months. Please list those sites that you liked THE LEAST

* 9. Think of the one site that you liked the least. What features or qualities about that site caused you to not like it?

* 10. Please help us improve this survey. Are there questions which you feel should be...