Individual Making the Request

Please Note: Due to an extremely high volume of PPE requests in Stanislaus county, PPE deliveries in Stanislaus county may take longer than usual to complete. Some orders are currently taking up to two weeks.

Forms that were not fully completed will not make it into the request system. To ensure your request is received, complete the online form all the way to the end where a button is clicked that says "Done."

If you would prefer to order PPE supplies by phone, please use the phone numbers listed below. If you were already receiving transportation services from one of these providers, contact that provider. If you were not already receiving transportation services from one of these providers, choose an appropriate provider based on the county you live in.

Amador, Calaveras or Tuolumne Counties call
Blue Mountain Transit
(209) 223-5300 Ext 1

San Joaquin County call either
MV Transportation
(209) 547-7879


Storer Transportation
(209) 644-5100

Stanislaus County call
Storer Transportation
(209) 521-8331

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* 4. Is PPE being obtained from other sources receiving PPE from VMRC? (If so, PPE cannot also be acquired through this means.)

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* 5. Is the request for a vendor or individual consumer.