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The purpose of this survey is to gather input from Farmington High School students about their grades and ways to improve their grades. Please take the time to answer each question carefully. Your answers are anonymous and will be used by the FHS staff to tailor tutoring opportunities and services.

* 1. What is your current grade?

* 2. How many years have you been a student at FHS?

* 3. What is your year of graduation?

* 4. Select one from the list below.

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. Comparing your grades from last year to the previous year, which statement is true?

* 7. Considering your answer to question #1, please provide an explanation why your grades either improved, stayed the same, or went down.

* 8. Do you have the ability to improve your grades?

* 9. Do you have enough support at FHS from staff and administration to help you improve your grades?

* 10. What can the staff and administration do to help you improve your grades?

* 11. Are you aware there were after school tutoring programs offered at FHS last year?

* 12. Did you participate in any after school tutoring sessions at FHS?

* 13. If you used the after school tutoring program at FHS last year, please describe how you used your time while there.

* 14. The after school tutoring program at FHS helped you to improve your grades.

* 15. Which after school tutoring classes did you participate in?

* 16. The reason you attended an after school tutoring session is best described by which statement?

* 17. If you were required to attend after school tutoring last year, how likely would you be to attend on your own this year?

* 18. Have you told your friends about the after school tutoring program?

* 19. If your grades improved last year, what one thing helped the most?

* 20. If your grades did not improve last year or stayed the same, what will you do this year to improve them?