Parent Survey - New School Priorities

Check all boxes that may apply to your response
1.What are the top priorities for your child's education?
2.On a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest interest, how would you rank your interest in allowing your child/grandchild to attend a private Christian school on our church campus?
3.What specific curriculum options would you like to see offered?
4.What grade levels would you like to see included?
5.Which extracurricular activities would you like the school to offer?
6.How important is technology integration in your child's education?
7.What safety and security measures would you like to see in place?
8.How involved would you like to be as a parent in your child's education?
9.If interested, would you need finanacial support for your child/grandchild to experience a quality, Bible-based curriculum taught by certified teachers?
10.If interested in your child/grandchild attending, could you provide transportation to and from school each day?