As the demand on police officers grow and officer numbers reduce we want to understand the impact this has on our members and are therefore running this health and well being survey from 13th December 2013 to 13th February 2014.

We have incorporated the HSE Management Standards Indicator Tool into this survey - we need your feedback.

It is recognised that working conditions affect worker well-being. Your responses to the questions below will help us determine our working conditions now, and enable us to monitor future improvements. In order for us to compare the current situation with past or future situations, it is important that your responses reflect your work in the last six months.

We will publish the results, comparing them with the December 2012/January 2013 survey results and use them to inform how we represent you in our statutory remit of Efficiency , Health, Safety and Welfare.

To allow direct comparison with the 2012/13 survey we have used the same directorates albeit we recognise
that the force now only has two directorate commanders.

* 1. I am clear what is expected of me at work