This quiz is for people with high sensitivity and has been designed by Psychotherapist and Author Julie Bjelland, who has been specializing in the trait of high sensitivity for years. The questions are based on typical patterns Julie has observed in her work with sensitive people globally.  This quiz is not meant to provide or replace any other scientific data on the trait and is instead a way to gather and share more information about the experience of sensitive people. Julie believes people with this trait have many gifts and is always working to help HSPs reduce the challenges and increase access to the positives of sensitivity. 

A note from Julie: "Please check all the boxes that have applied to you at some point in your life as a sensitive person even if they are no longer true at this stage in your life. Then at the end, you can write what is no longer true in the last question and why.  Many HSPs have reported that some things used to apply to them, but after learning more about the trait, tools from my books or courses, or even just following my work through my weekly HSP newsletter, blog or social media that they noticed many of their challenges lowered. I am so happy to hear this and would love to hear about your experience too! I read all your comments.  It is my mission to help you thrive in the world as a sensitive person. You are needed in the world. -Julie"

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* 1. Which of the following statements apply to you? Check all that are at least somewhat true to you. Click the button at the bottom when you finish to see your score.

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* 6. A note from Julie: "Hello beautiful sensitive beings! I personally scored 100% and used to find it very challenging to be such a sensitive person in today's modern, chaotic, busy world. I think that's why I am so passionate about teaching you all the tools that help lower challenges so you can access the many gifts of this trait.  I wouldn't be able to do all I do without lowering these challenges. I hope you will subscribe to my HSP newsletter to stay in touch and keep receiving all the tools I know work for me and HSPs all over the world. I encourage you to get a piece of paper right now and write down so you can subscribe after completing this quiz. I will post more information about what your scores mean too, so please subscribe to stay connected! I hope you felt understood and validated seeing how 20% of us often experience the world. I also invite you to explore my website that has so many resources for you as a sensitive person. (You may want to write that down too so you can explore all the resources I have created for you).  I read all the comments too! I hear you, I see you, I care about you, I am one of you. -Much love, Julie"

1. As we analyze the results, we will release more information in Julie's newsletter about what your results might mean. 

2. There is a good indication that you can lower the challenges of sensitivity, and that is good news! Many HSPs are recognizing that by doing their own personal work, in therapy or through learning the techniques, Julie teaches HSPs through her books and courses that their challenges are reduced with more access to the many gifts of this trait. 

3. Even though sensitivity is found equally in gender, some males may score lower due to various cultural conditioning. If you find that is the case, you may find it interesting to take the quiz thinking about how you were as a child.

4. Julie recommends visiting her HSP resources page to learn more about how to reduce the challenges of sensitivity and to check out all her HSP books and courses.

5. How did you feel about this quiz? Have you noticed your sensitivity challenges are less after reading Julie's books, taking her course, or following her HSP blog, newsletter or social media?

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