The Wanda Greenbelt runs along a primary entry point to Villa Park and is one of the first areas seen when entering the City.  Unfortunately, the Greenbelt has deteriorated over time due to the limited maintenance effort spent on it and is now in a state of disrepair.  The irregular watering resulting from inefficient and partially broken irrigation systems has taken a toll on the turf, such that the Greenbelt is now mostly barren with patches of weeds.  Many of the wooden fences that border the Greenbelt on the East are also in need of replacement or repainting.   

The purpose of this survey is to gather Villa Park resident input on options for the refurbishment or development of the Wanda Greenbelt. To the extent possible, agreement on the scope of any project for the Greenbelt should align with the majority vision of Villa Park residents and Councilmembers. Listed below are several proposed refurbishments, from a very basic approach to a more intensive and elaborate overall make-over. 

This survey link will be emailed to recipients of the Feeder newsletter, available on the City website, and included in the Hidden Jewel city magazine. Residents will also be able to complete the survey in-person at City Hall. The survey will be open for 60-days following the date of release (open October 11, 2019 until December 13, 2019) to allow for all residents to have an opportunity to provide input at the initial stages of this project. 

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