1. Student Profile

Please answer each question, telling your story in "your voice" and with as many details as possible. Be candid. And, limit your answers to 100 words or less.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Class, Major, Minor
List your Gustavus class, major or majors, and minor or minors -- i.e., "junior, political science and history major, Spanish minor" or "first-year, possible chemistry major, music minor".

* 4. Hometown
(City, ST)

* 5. Life before Gustavus
(What were your interests in high school, important accomplishments, significant interests, meaningful opportunities, incredible experiences, ..., i.e., "I celebrated my 16th birthday by jumping rope in an airplane while flying over the North Pole.")

* 6. Why did you choose Gustavus?
(What were the significant factors or primary reason you chose Gustavus over the other colleges you were exploring?)

* 7. Life at Gustavus
(What are your curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities? How did you become involved and what do you enjoy about your primary activities? What takes up most of your time? What activity or involvement are you most interested in or passionate about at Gustavus?)

* 8. What has been your favorite academic experience?
(What project, field trip, lecture, reading, lesson, or course has been the most memorable or meaningful to you?)

* 9. What is your favorite food in the Market Place?
(Which specific food do you like the best, whether it's house-made, name-brand, or your own creation?)

* 10. How do you interact with professors outside the classroom?
(For example, have you gone to a professor's house for dinner, visited a teacher during office hours, chatted at River Rock, or babysat their kids?)

* 11. What is your dream job?
(Ideally your studies at Gustavus are preparing you for your dream job, but if you could do anything what would you do?)

* 12. What advice would you give a prospective Gustie?
(What would have helped you to know when you were searching for a college? What tips do you have for students struggling with the process, stressing out about the decision, or anxious about what's ahead in college?)

* 13. What is your favorite Gustavus tradition?
(What event, activity, or tradition do you like the best - whether it's a new tradition, popular or private creation?)