1. Symantec Connect Search Survey

Thank you for participating in the Symantec Connect search survey.

Your input is very valuable to us and we encourage your open and honest feedback. Please note that all responses will be anonymous and only used in the aggregate.

This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. How frequently do you visit the Symantec Connect site?

* 2. What kind of information are you usually looking for, or contributing to on the Symantec Connect site? (multiple answers possible)

* 3. How frequently do you use the search functionality on Connect?

* 4. When searching on Symantec Connect, do you usually find what you need?

* 5. Is searching on Connect usually fast enough?

* 6. Imagine you are looking to install the product Backup Exec, version 12.5. Please describe the steps you would take to search Symantec Conntect and find information on this matter.

* 7. Connect introduced a new faceted search interface a couple of months ago. Based on your personal search experience, did you notice any improvements compared to the previous Connect search?

* 8. Are the filter categories and subcategories on the left hand side of the search result page useful to you?

* 9. Do you have any preference for the filters to be on the left or right hand side?

* 10. Is there any search functionality missing on Symantec Connect in order to satisfy your needs?