Community Needs & Resources Survey

This survey is to assess the need for resources/services in your community. Help us by sharing what services you need and ones your already use. Visit our site for more information on New Haven resources that can serve you and your family once you complete this survey.

* 1. Today's Date


* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Gender

* 4. What neighborhood do you live in?

* 5. Do you know about our website Get Connected New Haven?

* 6. If yes, how often do you visit the site?

* 7. Do you have access/ability to use the internet?

* 8. If yes, where do you access it?

* 9. Is someone helping you with your search?

* 10. Do you need help finding services?

* 11. If yes, please select which one(s) below.

* 12. Do you know other people who would benefit from knowing about this site?

* 13. If so, what would be the best way to let them know about this service?

* 14. Do you know where services are in your neighborhood?

* 15. Please share with us any questions, comments, or concerns you have.