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IIA Chapter Achievement Program

CAP - You may notice on our website that we are a “GOLD” Chapter. We achieve this level through our participation in The Chapter Achievement Program or CAP. The CAP is a tool to align chapter activities with the goals and efforts of the global IIA organization. We measure our progress each month, based on service to our members, service to the profession and chapter administration. We’d like to bring your attention to the first two categories and explain how you participate in our chapter achieving gold status. The first – service to members, focuses on the chapter events provided to our members, measured by attendance of members and non-members. You help our chapter reach Gold by attending our IIA chapter sponsored events. The second, service to the profession – recognizes the things you do as members to add value to the internal audit profession, in addition to things done by the chapter. If you do any of these activities, please let us know by entering the details below. If you have any additional questions, please contact Richard Brandon, VP Membership richard.brandon@questar.com.

Thanks for supporting our profession!

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