The Mercer County Conservation District was awarded a grant through the Department of Environmental Protection to achieve its two-fold mission for teaching the county about nonpoint source pollution and storm water management. We provided watershed programs to interested school districts within Mercer County and led backyard conservation programs to the public about stormwater management and composting.

With assistance from Buhl Park Educator Katie Nowland, the in-school watershed programs focused on concepts including: everyone living downstream and the importance of maintaining water quality by not only caring for water, but also the surrounding lands. We discussed nonpoint source pollution and reinforced learning by providing an opportunity for the students to discover and explore watershed concepts with our 3D Enviroscape model. 13 school districts, both public and private within the county, chose to participate in the watershed lesson. Of the 13, 8 schools chose to participate in the Mercer County Middle School rain barrel competition.  

This online voting competition will conclude on Friday, October 23, 2020.  The winning school will be notified the following week and a prize awarded. 

Thank you for your participation! 

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* 1. Below you will find different rain barrel projects that were developed and designed by middle school students from various school districts in Mercer County, PA. Please help us select a winner for the most creative "All Drops Matter" rain barrel design by voting for your favorite. 

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