CONNECTOR is an event organised by ANPCDEFP, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. CONNECTOR is a 5-day event taking place in Bucharest between July 5 - July 11 (arrival and departure days included).

This questionnaire is dedicated to those that are willing to cover their costs, either in their own name or as representatives of an Erasmus+ project. Please, take into consideration the fact that if you include CONNECTOR in the activities of your Erasmus+ project you have to cover your transport, accommodation and meals costs.

By filling in this questionnaire you agree to take part throughout the 5 days of the event. 

Please fill in the form below until 25th of April 2016.

More info related to CONNECTOR is available at

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* 1. Do you apply in your own name or as representative of an Erasmus+ project?