Please take the time to fill out this survey. It is not necessary for you to write or sign your name on the form. Although this survey is anonymous, and names will not be recorded, Please answer all the questions as accurately as you can, using the scale below. In this survey department refers to any ministry, committee, group, or activity within the congregation.  Member; refers to individuals above the age of 18 who have officially declared affiliation with the congregation where they are completing the survey, including members of the leadership team and administrative staff.  

1 = Strongly Disagree  
2 = Disagree  
3 = Neither Agree nor Disagree 
5= Strongly Agree

* 1. My congregation members treat me fairly and justly.

* 2. My congregation members take significant measures to lead me in the right direction.

* 3. My congregation members have sound policies to guide me.

* 4. My congregation members encourage openness in the relationship among members.

* 5. My congregation members communicate with me openly and honestly.

* 6. My congregation members tell me the truth, whether it is pleasant or not.

* 7. My congregation members tell me everything I need to know.

* 8. My congregation members try to maintain a long-term commitment with me.

* 9. My congregation members show confidence in my knowledge.

* 10. My congregation members have built a long-lasting relationship with me.

* 11. My congregation members are willing to invest in me.

* 12. My congregation members show confidence in my skills.

* 13. My congregation members value my input.

* 14. I feel loyal to members of my congregation.

* 15. I can rely on my congregation members to keep their promises.

* 16. I am willing to let my congregation members make decisions for me.

* 17. My congregation members help me deal with all my crises.

* 18. My congregation members guide me when I do not have the skills, knowledge, or capabilities to handle
the situation.

* 19. My congregation has a well-established mentorship program for me to obtain guidance from members.

* 20. I understand and am committed to my congregation's vision.

* 21. My congregation has a vision statement that brings out the best in me.

* 22. My congregation's vision inspires my best performance.

* 23. My congregation's vision is clear and compelling to me.

* 24. I have faith in my congregation and I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the mission is

* 25. I persevere and exert extra effort to help my congregation succeed because I have faith in what we
stand for.

* 26. I set challenging goals in my ministerial department because I have faith in my congregation and want us to succeed.

* 27. The members of my congregation walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

* 28. The members of my congregation are honest and without false pride.

* 29. The members of my congregation are trustworthy and loyal to one another.

* 30. My congregation members have the courage to stand up for one another.

* 31. My congregation members are kind and considerate toward their members, and when they are suffering, want to do something about it

* 32. The ministerial department I support makes a difference in people's lives

* 33. The ministry department I support is meaningful to me

* 34. The ministerial department I support is very important to me.

* 35. My ministerial department activities are personally meaningful to me.

* 36. Members of the congregation are appreciated for the work they do.

* 37. Members of the congregation demonstrate respect for work in the church.

* 38. Members have a sense of being valued for their work in the ministry department where they serve  .

* 39. Members in the congregation are highly regarded by the leaders.

* 40. Members of the congregation can describe their purpose and mission in life.

* 41. Members of the congregation seek advice on how to live a good life from people they respect, great
teachers/writings and/or God.

* 42. Members maintain an attitude of gratitude even when faced with difficulties. 

* 43. Members maintain an inner life or reflective practice (e.g., spending time in nature, prayer, meditation, reading inspirational literature, yoga, observing religious traditions, writing in a journal).

* 44. Members have compassion for the hopes and fears of all people, regardless of how they view the world based on their culture and past experiences.

* 45. Members feel like "part of the family" in this congregation.

* 46. Members really feel as if the congregation's problems are their own.

* 47. Members would be happy to spend the rest of their life with this

* 48. Members talk up our congregation to friends as a great place to worship.

* 49. Members of the congregation feel a strong sense of belonging.

* 50. In my ministry department, everyone gives his/her best efforts.

* 51. In my ministry department, earnest stewardship is a high priority for all

* 52. My ministry is productive.

* 53. My ministry department is very efficient in getting maximum, output from the resources we have available

* 54. Church members have a good sense of why they have certain feelings most of the time

* 55. Church members have a good understanding of their own emotions

* 56. Church members really understand what they feel

* 57. Church members always know whether or not they are happy

* 58. Church members always set goals for themselves and then try their best
to achieve them

* 59. Church members always(usually) tell themselves we are a competent congregation.

* 60. Church members form a self-motivating congregation.

* 61. Church members always encourage themselves to try their best

* 62. Church members are able to control their temper so that they can handle difficulties rationally

* 63. Church members are quite capable of controlling their own emotions

* 64. Church members can always calm down quickly when they are very angry

* 65. Church members have  good control of their own emotions

* 66. Church members always know others' emotions from their behavior

* 67. Church members are good observers of others' emotions

* 68. Church members are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others.

* 69. Church members have a good understanding of the emotions of people
around them

* 70. GENDER

* 71. AGE